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The Guild Home Page

Welcome to The University of Alabama’s Society of Art History Students website! Here you can learn more about our organization, read the art historical research our members are working on, access valuable resources for scholarly research and graduate school prep, and explore all things art history!

Who We Are

The Society of Art History Students, or The Guild, is a new campus organization where students can gather to discuss topics of Art History. To join, one does not have to be an Art History major or minor but should have a keen interest in the discipline. Read more

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From our research blog:

A Socio-Feminist Approach to Emily Mary Osborn’s Nameless and Friendless

Researched by: Olivia Sims Osborn is one of many notable female artists from Victorian England who was able to make a name for herself in the male-dominated art culture of the time. Osborn spent her early life in Kent and Essex until her family moved to London in 1842. Born as the daughter of a…

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Barbara Bodichon, Effects of Tight Lacing, c. 1858

Researched by: Olivia Sims Bodichon’s lithograph depicts an artful grouping of figures that are all varying in scale and appearance, including women in differing forms of dress- with some wearing corsets and some not- along with skeletons, depictions of Greco-Roman sculptures, and female anatomical figures in a cloudy, dreamlike setting. The work has no color…

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